Sunday, September 10, 2017



First Taxi August 30 2017

(This time with wings) 

Rolling out
Quick engine test run
Getting ready
Wires in place
Looking good
side covers in place
Getting serious
1912 ASRA with Feldpilot Robert Eyb
2017 ASRA with Michel Fithian-Eyb

see the taxi on youtube:

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 2017 Post


Ready for taxi.

This is now my eleventh Blog Update. If you wish to see this progress in the actual time line, you need to click on the earliest archives on the right since blogs are posted as newest ones first.

A lot has transpired since my last publishing in January 2017, which actually covered up to July 2016. Since then the wings were covered, painted and final installed, wires adjusted and safetied and warp control installed.

As mentioned in a prior blog, I chose to divert from the original covering material, namely linen, to a more modern material, ceconite. Linen only lasts a couple of years in UV exposure and I don't look forward to do this every couple years. Same with paint, modern paints have come a long way and I have chosen to used a Premium quality latex, exterior. Many independent tests have shown this to be an advantageous method. You are putting it on the outside of your house, right ? How long does it last? Plenty.

Four wing panels ready for covering 


Left outer panel in the rotisserie


First piece of fabric


Bottom goes on all the way to the back 


Takes two plus a center strip


Bottom covered


Rib-stitched, note one needle per bamboo, reduces travel time.

Reinforcing tapes over bamboo


Top goes only to the bamboo


Sewing where top and bottom meet


Tapes everywhere


Trailing edge wire. Not sure how they did it, but seemed like a good idea



Inner wing panel next

 Before painting, rattan strips were glued and nailed onto every rib cap on top and every second one on the bottom.  

After washing, two coats rubbed-in paint, then one rolled coat 


After first coat of rubbed-in paint

After second coat


Completed panel


Stored, ready for next. 14 foot tall, 12 wide.


Final Assembly


Getting panels ready. All drilled holes cleaned and all metal fittings installed


Both inners are on


Leveling in order to tweak turnbuckles


Let outer panel in place


Ready for panel


Installing all the wires before lifting in place


The only place I really needed some help


Local BOCES students assisting.


Now to adjust all turnbuckles

Ready to test the folding mechanism

No problem


Installing the warp controls


Splitter for warp wires


Note several levels for trimming 


Warp wires competed 


Looking good


Looking even better


Moving with custom tail wheel dolly


Actually fits sideways in my 45 foot wide hangar

Even enough room for my little Cessna 150

Final touches

The Original

Ready to roll out


Rolling out


Ready for taxi.